Lisa debuts as Diva's Half Marathon Series Nutritionist

The Women’s National Running Series™ is a series that was developed as a celebration of Womanhood. You know who you are: you are beautiful, strong, inspiring, and you can do anything you set your mind to do. So let us pamper you in this half marathon series which honors and celebrates WOMEN. This is a running weekend for mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends and the men who love them too.

Alexander Pope wrote, “She moves like a goddess and looks like a queen”. These words embody and depict the feel and spirit of the running series and each individual running event associated with the running series. The Women’s National Running Series™ will launch with the Diva's Half Marathon at Long Island and will soon add an additional 2 unique events in sophisticated and exotic locations: the Wahine Half Marathon at Honolulu and the Mujer Half Marathon in Puerto Rico.                                                

So challenge yourself like a diva, run in this very unique event, and celebrate the power of being a woman with another 5,000 strong and beautiful ladies . After the run, receive an incredible blinged out finisher medal at the Jewelry Store in the finish line, dress up during the run at the feather boa station and the tiara stop, receive a rose from a handsome firefighter at the finish line, toast your accomplishment with champagne and dance the afternoon away at the Post Race Celebration

Diva Event Highlights

Success is always in the details

This event has some wonderfully unique perks that make this event different and makes you trully feel like a running DIVA:

  • Awesome, shining and spinning diva medals featuring a spot for your own photo so you can shine like a DIVA (for half marathon finishers)
  • Roses and champagne at the finish line so you can celebrate like a DIVA
  • Ladies tech shirts for all participants so you can strut like a DIVA
  • Live post race party so you can party like a DIVA
  • Feather boa stations and tiara stops on the course so you can look like a DIVA
  • 2 day Health & Fitness Boutique…because one day of shopping is never enough
  • Great goodie bags full of samples of women only products.
  • Race weekend also includes the Girls’ 5K, Movie in the Park, and Bachelor Auction so you can run, relax and laugh like a DIVA
  • Start and finish at historic Eisenhower Park
  •  USAT&F certified
  • 3.5 hour course limit
  • Official Finishers Certificate
  • Awards 3-deep in All Age Divisions
  • ChronoTrack Timing System
  • Participant Limit – 5,000 (half marathon) and 1,000 (5K)

 Finisher Medals

Runners travel from all over the world to run for a medal. Get ready to receive the most incredible medal in the industry. We have created the ultimate DIVA medal.  It is shiny, it spins and it even has room to put your very own picture finishing the race. This is definitely DIVA BLING.  Get ready for the unveiling on March 15.

Lisa's Tips