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Summer BBQ Favorites

Simple and delicious substitutions can be made that are just as satisfying and keep you feeling good and fit.  A few easy substitutions are buying low sugar barbecue sauce and ketchup, forget traditional mayo and add a variety of tangy mustard. Multi-grain chips and baked root vegetable chips come in an abundant array of flavors.  Pasta salad can be made with a pesto sauce, which is fresh ground herbs infused with heart healthy olive oil and lightly mixed Parmesan cheese for a little kick and texture. If you are going the ol' burger and dog route, select "lite" versions of you favorite beef, or substitute turkey, chicken or veggie dogs and save on cholesterol, fat. Look for nitrate free versions which are now available by some of the large hot dog producers now.  Ground Turkeyburgers are a great alternative to beef as well. Ground turkey can be a great substitute in general for all beef dishes and comes in a both 100% white meat as well as different ratios of mixed white and dark meat. Switch to whole wheat, multi-grain and 100 calorie light buns instead of the traditional white bread and save on empty carbs and calories.

Well seasoned meat is the trick to a tasty burger here. Use your favorite dry rub combination infused with tsp of egg white and low sugar barbeque sauce or ketchup for some moisture. We have prepared a South Floridafavorite by using Jerk Seasoning with a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  Instead of the traditional toppings, we have a shredded carrot, mixed greens (or use purple cabbage) and jicama "slaw" that adds an island kick without the fat. Jicama is a root vegetable found in many Caribbeancountries with a fresh taste. It can be substituted for a crisp but sweet variety of apple like Gala and cucumber. Jicama's flavor structure is similar if both of these are combined. Another great combination for this burger would be mango and avocado "slaw". Make sure that both are on the firm side.  

Wash it down with a calorie free flavored seltzer infused with fresh fruit and mint instead of soda or a light beer. Be sure to stay hydrated with lots of water especially if you are consuming alcohol in the warm sun.

As we say in Miami, Buen Provecho!

 Jerk Turkey Burger

Serves 1


6 oz ground white turkey

¼ yellow onion chopped fine

1 tsp barbeque sauce-low sugar

1 tsp of egg substitute

1 tsp Jerked Seasoning

1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Salt and Pepper

Pam Spray

¼ cup Mixed Field Greens with shredded carrot and jicama

Dash of Apple Vinegar

Dash of Olive Oil

Multi-grain 100 calorie roll


1.Combine all seasoning with Ground Turkey.

2.In separate bowl-combine greens, carrot and jicama- add little salt, pepper,

vinegar and oil- just enough to slightly wet and flavor

6.Lightly spray with spray “Cant believe its butter” buns and dust

with garlic powder

7.Warm buns on grill

8.Assemble meat patty and mixed green mixture