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Spring Into a New Workout Routine

Even if you increase the incline of a treadmill you are still running on a flat surface unlike any road you’ve ever run on. Varying the speed and intensity throughout a workout is an effective way to burn more calories known as interval training. Traffic and other environmental obstacles force the outdoor athlete into an interval training regiment.

 Get outdoors with these endurance workouts.

*These workouts are designed to replace the cardio portion of your workouts.  Make sure to continue your strength training regiment 2-3x/week.


60 minutes



Week 1

Walk 2 minutes, Jog 30 seconds

Jog 2 min, Run 30 seconds

Week 2

Walk 2 minutes, Jog 1 minute

Jog 2 minutes, Run 1 minute

Week 3

Walk 1.5 minutes, Jog 1.5 minutes

Jog 1.5 minutes, Run 1.5 minutes

Week 4

Walk 1 minute, Jog 2 minutes

Jog 1 minute, Run 2 minutes

Week 5

Walk 30 seconds, Jog 2 minutes

Jog 30 seconds, Run 2 minutes

Week 6

Walk 30 seconds, Jog 3 minutes

Jog 30 seconds, Run 3 minutes

Week 7

Walk 30 seconds, Jog 4 minutes

Jog 30 seconds, Run 4 minutes

Week 8

Only walk if necessary

Only Jog if necessary


Advanced workout - Using a TRX (

 Repeat the following 3x




10 minutes

Jumping Jacks

Until out of breath

Trx Hurdlers Lunge

1 minute/leg

Trx Row

I minute

Trx Fly

I minute

Trx Plank

1 minute

Jump rope

1-2 minutes (until out of breath)


Until breath returns to normal - repeat



Create some excitement and added challenge by taking your workouts out of the gym. According to the New York Times, indoor training is a good venue for staying in shape when you absolutely cannot go outside but doesn’t provide an equal workout. The inherent variables in outdoor activity force our bodies to utilize more muscle and energy.