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How did you get interested in Fitness?

How did you get interested in Fitness?

I've always been at my best while involved in some form of physical activity. Whether it be an individual or team sport, I feel alive when I'm moving. Early on I realized that I could control my mental state through fitness. In college I started as a math major because I was good at math but was never passionate about any subject before psychology and exercise physiology. I fell in love with the puzzle of how the mind and body work together and studied it with enthusiasm for many years and continue to be fascinated. After college, my mentor, Lisa Dorfman, told me about a wonderful fitness club called Equinox. It was there that I put my education to work and proved that I love what I do. Fitness is the foundation of a happy lifestyle and giving someone the tools to build this is what I love.



What do you like best about your profession?

I love problem solving and in fitness no two cases are ever the same. What works for one person will not necessarily work for the next. Every time I meet new clients, I find out all about them and then devise on plan on how we as a team will get them to their goal. Then, I constantly tweak my plan for them depending on a large number of factors. Finding the right plan and seeing the results day after day is so rewarding.




What do you think are the most important exercises for staying in shape throughout life?

To be in shape, you must be aerobically fit, strong, and flexible. To stay in shape throughout life, you must be able to adapt your workouts to what’s going on in your life.

Running and swimming are two of the best ways to stay aerobically fit. If you can’t run, an intense incline walk can do the trick. The best strength training exercises are the classic bench press, deadlift, squat, and row. If you’re more of a body-weight training person, pushups are always a great way to stay in shape. Try to throw in some yoga or Pilates once a week for some strength andstretching. Also, make sure to get in some light stretching every day.




What are three pieces of gear every person should own?

A heart rate monitor is a great tool for monitoring your progress. Updated playlists with motivating music and an arm band to hold a music player while exercising is another important tool. I also recommend exercise bands. You can buy them for under $20 and they are so compact that you can have a great workout anywhere.



What can men and women do to stay in shape over the holiday season?


Between the shopping and the holiday parties workouts often get cut short before the New Year. To stay in shape with the time crunch, invest in something you can do at home. The Wii Fit system is a fun way of doing something active without having to leave the house. Purchase medicine balls, band tubing, and/or dumbbell set and check out some great home routines on our website.

To keep yourself in check, periodically try on a pair of your favorite jeans. If they fit a bit snugger than before, cut back on some parties and up your workouts before it goes too far.

Have fun and burn calories by getting yourself out on the dance floor this holiday season.



What are three fitness trends we can expect in 2010?

1. TRX. Created for military training, this core-training program can be adapted to any exercise ability. For more information, visit

2. Crossfit. It’s a extreme and intense anaerobic workout in a teamlike atmosphere.

It has been gaining popularity this year and will continue to be trendy in 2010.

3. Yoga mixed with dance. Many popular fitness clubs are devising creative ways to mix yoga and dance for a whole new kind of workout. I wouldn’t be surprised if this really took off in 2010.