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Bring Out the legs for Summer!

Get ready for short shorts with this fast muscle toning, fat burning, and leg shaping routine.  This workout combines strength training with intervals of high intensity cardiovascular training to give you the maximum calorie burn during and after your workout. 

Do this full lower body workout 2-3x/week.

To warm-up

1)      5 minutes biking at moderate intensity

2)      Bodyweight standing lunges 30/leg

3)      As many fast bodyweight squats as you can do in one minute (try to top this number next time)

1 minute water break – let heart rate lower to comfortable pace

The workout

When more than one exercise is in a box alternate the exercises within the box taking a 30 second – 90 second break between cycles




Smith Machine Incline Lunge

Place step under front foot in front of bar.  Hips stay directly under bar as lunge down

Bicycle Crunch




1 minute






Until heart rate is high/out of breath

If beginner stay at a moderate tempo for 2 minutes


Recover 1 minute



Front Squat Dumbbell or Bar on Front of shoulders


Plank (not recommended for  high blood pressure)


3 sets

Bike Sprint

Until heart rate is high/out of breath

If beginner stay at a moderate tempo for 2 minutes

2 sets


Recover I minute


Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Jump Squats (Advanced)

Standing squats (beginner)




8-12 repetitions

8-12 repetitions



20x fast




2 sets

Glut Kickback Machine

Standing Calf Raises

With toes on a step hold dumbbells in hand as you rotate onto your tip toes and lower down to heels touching the floor – repeat




2-4 sets


2-4 sets









Cable Abduction – see favorite exercises for description

Plie Squats – shoulders retracted, hold kettle bell in both hands, keep core engaged and tall, point toes outward, with feet more than shoulder with apart squat down








Any energy left?  If you’ve been training for quite some time and want to really feel the burn take the next 10-20 minutes outside or on the treadmill.  Sprint for 30 seconds recover for 1 minute.  Repeat

Make sure to cool down, do some stretching (or foam rolling – this months favorite tool) and make sure to refuel with one of the reunion diet’s recommended recovery snacks.  You’ll be wearing short shorts in no time.

 As always there are many reasons to consult a fitness professional before trying this workout.  It should be modified to fit your individual needs.

 Favorite Exercise

Cable Hip Abduction

The cable hip abduction exercise is one of my favorites for many reasons.  Number one, it works your gluteus medius and gluteus minimus – two very important butt muscles.  The second reason I love this exercise is that side to side motion tends to yield results very quickly because it shocks the body.  Unless you play a lot of tennis or racquetball it’s unlikely that you shuffle back and forth sideways on a daily basis.  Most of the time we are walking forward using the same muscles over and over.  Let’s change it up and use those side stabilization muscles that aid in a tough toned lower half.

To start stand in front of a low cable facing one side.  Attach a cable cuff to the ankle furthest from the pulley.  Shifting your weight onto only the foot closer to the pulley, move your cuffed ankle in front of the weighted foot and kick laterally away from you and the machine.  Slowly lower.  Repeat 10-20x.

 If no cable is available a rubber resistance band or tubing can be used

A good thing to have checked in the balance between your hip abductors and adductors. They are very important stabilizers. 

Do this full lower body workout 2-3x/week.