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Bootie and Bust Valentine's Day Workouts

For her:

Let me start out by promising you one thing…This will not make you bigger.  It will help you to wear a strapless dress or tank top without any unfortunate spillover.  (I call it the dreaded bra strap fat) It will simultaneously give your butt a lift.  It also will not be easy and must be combined with daily cardiovascular exercise and proper eating. Ready?

 Valentine’s 2010 Butt and Bust Workout 2-3x/week

Do each set of two exercises one after another, rest for 30-90 seconds, and repeat until you have done each exercise 2-4x.

 1. Pushups – do as many pushups as you can do

 write this number down and try to beat it next workout

If you can not do a pushup on the floor, place your hands on a sturdy high bench or table and gradually use lower surfaces.

  Step ups – 30seconds/leg as fast as you can

If you have any knee issues please ask a certified professional before doing this exercise

Step up on a bench keeping your weight on the heel of the foot on the bench. Step down. Repeat as fast as you can. 


2. Standing Incline Lunge – 12-15repetitions

Holding dumbbells, place your front foot on a low step, keeping your weight on the heel of your front foot. Slowly lower bending your back knee. It is crucial that you keep your core engaged.

   Dumbbell Bench Press – 12-15 repetitions


3. Plie Squat – 12-15 repetitions

Holding dumbbells on your shoulders, place feet two shoulder widths apart and rotate feet so that toes point outward.  Slowly lower until upper leg is almost parallel to the floor and return to start position.

    Band Fly - 12-15 repetitions

Place band at shoulder height.  Walk far enough away to create tension and press inward with a circular motion.  (as if you are hugging a tree)  It is very important to use a slow controlled motion as you return to the start point.


4. Cable Glut kickback – 12-15 repetitions

Place cable pulley low.

With your knee slightly bent, kick back 15degreees.

 To allow for maximal glut contraction this must be slow and controlled.

   Cable Crossover – 12-15 repetitions

Stand in front of a cable pulley machine – cables set high.

Stand with one foot in front of the other.

Bring cable attachments together in front. Keep elbows in a flexed position. Return to starting position and repeat.


5. Plank position – 15x/leg

 lift one leg up and out to the side 15x

    Bridge – 20x

 Lye on your back with your knees bent.  Keeping the weight on your heels, push your butt off the ground, hold, slowly lower. Repeat.


For him

Do these workouts, designed to build lean muscle and tone, combined with some daily cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating and you will have the pecs and rear worth working for.  Remember when doing these workouts that proper form is crucial.  In many instances you will gain more by using less weight and focusing on form. 

Guidelines for the advanced

Do each workout 2x/week on separate days

Use a weight which you can lift a maximum of 8-12x with proper form

Rest 30-90seconds between sets

Complete 4-6sets/exercise

 For the novice

Start with very light weight and focus on form

Complete only 2 sets

Seek guidance from a fitness professional before adding weight


1. Incline Bench Press

only a 15-35 degree incline is necessary to keep this exercise targeting your chest

2. Decline Bench Press

only a 20-40 degree decline is necessary to keep this exercise targeting your chest

3. Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

focus on the negative phase – lower the weight slowly

  1. Fly machine or peck deck
  2. Cable Crossover

See description above

6. Push ups

complete as many as possible

for an added challenge push off the ground


1. Front loaded squat

2. Good morning

Very important to check with fitness professional that this is a good exercise for you

It is also a good idea to start with much lighter weight for this exercise

3. Lying Hamstring Curl

4. Standing Dumbbell Lunge

5. Bridge

see above description


Start combing these routines with some other healthy habits and a lot of heads will be turning this Valentines Day.  Enjoy!


* Important note

The hip adduction and abduction machines target muscle groups which are very important in proper stabilization of the knee.  They will not instantly spot reduce either your saddlebags or inner thighs.  Please see a fitness professional to make sure you utilize these in the proper ratio for your body to avoid risk of knee injury.