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Spring Fashion Dos and Don'ts--What are the Rules?

White jeans are cool and appropriate year round, however jeans is the operative word.  Our fashion sense has become so casual and ruled by denim. If you are basing your outfit around denim, make sure to dress it up especially if you're visiting friends and family. Don't insult your hosts with damaged denim. Try a pump or jeweled flat on your feet , a great blazer or pressed shirt. This is the time of year when a great navy blazer finishes any outfit and a little color on top will take you long way.

It is also that time of year where skirts and dresses look really fresh, just make sure that when the temperature  warrants a summer dress you keep your dress or skirt wear appropriate. Keep fabrics a little heavier andif you wear a flowy silk dress,  finish it with a heavy sweater. Play up weights to feel the right time of the year.

The challenge with skirts and   early spring is that for northerners, your legs have not seen the sun in months and are probably are not ready for show. Tights look up tight this time of year, but a little Capri legging could be a good solution with a little ballerina flat.

Happy spring and enjoy color and prints and patterns to look fresh.