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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring clean your wardrobe

Spring is here which means it’s time for a wardrobe reality check! Springtime means getting fashion fresh—take time say in stages of a few hours to weeks to sort through your wardrobe.

Getting started means preparing with two big bags—one for donations and another for repair and wash. First, unfold everything from your drawers and closet. If it’s been a winter or two, sometimes over two years since you’ve worn a clothing item—donate it! Next, examine your clothes for stains and make sure everything is in good condition. If it’s broken, fix it, clean it, or give it away. Once you purge your potential give-aways, now you can hit the stores for a fresh look, but not a minute sooner!


It sounds like it might set you back, but there are thrift stores abound. On a recent trip to NYC, my aunt bought vintage sequenced tanks for only $10 each, so check around for bargains.


However, vintage is not for everyone. My suggestion is to start new, at least once a season after your fashion cleanse. This spring I suggest the perfect shirt. It’s on the pricey side, but Boy brand of outsider shirts is perfect worth every penny. Go to:   


For a more reasonable version, try H&M’s Blues Campaign at:  where you will find some amazing shirts. Add a crew neck sweater over your untucked, loosely buttoned blouse with khakis for a great new spring look.